Why We Design, Develop and Build Everything Ourselves

Because we can control the quality from start to finish. It’s that simple. We’re one of the very few residential construction companies that manage the whole process of developing, designing, and building - right down to selling and managing - under the one roof.

Some call it vertical integration. We call it a quality guarantee. It means we avoid situations where corners are cut, details are missed, or things are done on the cheap. There are no excuses, because at every stage, the buck starts and stops with us.

We employ specialists in land acquisition, town planning, architecture and interior design, finance development, construction, marketing, sales and customer

relations – we even do our own property management through our real estate partner Synergy.

This enables us to provide a seamless experience from project acquisition through to delivery and after sales service. It also means we can offer cost savings and strategic efficiencies that other companies who outsource cannot.

Our residential off-the-plan apartments are a testament to this. They stand apart for levels of finish, and value for money. We have completed some 35 developments to date. And they are all places that we would be proud to live in ourselves.