Built by Obsession: How Doing it Better Became Our Mission

Our founder and father Sam Abdelmalak wasn’t always a builder. He found his life’s passion by chance. After working as an engineer for almost 30 years, he built a fine new home for his young family, perfect in every detail. It was, in his own words ‘a masterpiece’. Then in 1995 Sam lost his job during the recession and couldn’t find work, and desperate to put food on the table he sold the beloved home to finance a new business - home construction.

Perhaps because of what was at stake, perhaps because of his obsessive nature, the townhouses he built set a standard for quality in the residential property market. In 1997 Sam’s eldest son Simon joined the business, and they began building on his early success. The focus expanded from townhouses to multiple homes on larger sites as Sam’s second and third sons Daniel and Joshua joined the team.

Sam and his sons were never happy with the status quo in the industry, and decided the only way to ensure that their off-the-plan apartments were consistently superior, was to do everything in-house.

Today Spec Property is a respected developer in the medium density and high-rise residential market, selling one, two and three bedroom apartments across inner Melbourne.

We’re known for our attention to detail, and our customer focus. Above all, we are known for the uncompromising quality of our apartments.

We also have a reputation for being obsessive, but we’re ok with that. It’s what built us in the first place.